Custom Music

You can commission original music and soundtrack with us. Tailor made and customized to match any project size, budget and timeline requirements. Our work range span various from the big screen to indie short films, from global brands to local businesses – through all musical genres.

Ideally for larger projects, such as film and games etc, we recommend getting in touch at an early stage. As music and film is a symbiosis, the sooner we start collaborating in the creative process the better the end result of the production. Even though projects can be done easily over the internet, which we often do, we also have branches both in Europe and in the US. Arranging a meeting is not problem, if required.

Please leave a brief description of your project via the contact form. We will get back to you within short !

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Igge Scoce

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Examples Of Custom Music

Some various examples of music commissioned by clients. From Cinematic Cues to Corporate Background and Commercial Short Tracks